Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wish Granted by KzintiKiller (@TwiHusband)

Holy MF Christ! This is my most favorite OS of all time!  The same friend who rec-d me In the Shallows, sent this priceless piece of gem my way. This is arguably the cleverest twi-fic I’ve ever read since I joined the party a few years ago. I urge you to go and read Wish Granted. It’s super short, barely a page. But it carries a nice punch. Please review and let Rick know that I sent you. Best OS ever! Thank you, Rick.

Summary: Jacob gets his fondest wish. A world without magic, vampires, or Edward Cullen. The world in which Bella Swan is free to be his soul mate.

Read the story and let me know what you think. I made the banner for Wish Granted today. I'm trying to teach myself how to work with graphics. As you can see, I'm pretty sucky! Still, I thought it's better to have some visuals. What do you think, Rick?

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  1. Many thanks. The banner rocks! I thought everyone had forgotten this story.