Thursday, March 8, 2012

Secrets and Lies by Bella Scotia (@KHMcL)

Secrets and Lies holds a very special place in my heart. Not only do I love the story, but I absolutely adore the author. Although I’ve been reading twi-fic for a while now, I haven’t been active in the fandom until quite recently. One of the precious lessons I’ve learned during my stay here is how rare it is to get any kind of mentorship, guidance, or heck a simple hello from the supposed BNAs. Not Bella Scotia though. She is generous with her time and compassionate toward the floundering ranks of us newbies.

I digress! Secrets and Lies is an amazingly well written story about an emotionally scarred woman's (Bella) journey through life. Her sadness is palpable, her exhaustion is crippling, and it all becomes far too real as you read the story.

Thank you, Kat! I love you.

Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. 10yrs later, she returns to her hometown to an ailing father, an angry ex-best friend, and the man from whom she has kept a secret that threatens to unravel her existence. AH OOC M.

You can read it here. I wish I knew who made this beautiful banner. I think it's Christag_Banner. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It’s so perfect for the story.

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