Thursday, March 8, 2012

The War Is Over by MariahajilE (@MariahajilE)

What can I say about The War is Over, except that it owns me? I am pretty finicky when it comes to pairings in twi-fics. I’m strictly ExB kinda reader. In that respect, The War is Over is a HUGE departure for me. When I opened the first chapter of the story, I had very little intention of actually reading it. I mean, why bother investing time in a story that was marked Angela/Edward (MariahajilE changed the pairing later)? I knew there was no way I was gonna like it.

I read chapter one. Then two. Then, 170 chapters and a little over an hour later, I waved the white flag of surrender.

The story is brilliant! Thank you, Iris. I would happily give my right arm to be able to write like you.

Summary: Lies. Betrayal. Pain. A story of finally getting what you want and hurting everyone in the process. AH, ExB, ExA, AxBen. M for language and lemons. 

Check out the story. You can find it hereOnce again, the pretty blinkie is made by the one and only  Rose Arcadia.

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